Virtual Speed Networking for Teams

Teams that communicate better, perform better

One to One Calls

Fast 1-1 Video Calling

Red Round Robin sets up a series of short 1-1 video calls between every member of your team.

One to One Calls

No more boring calls

Banish long boring video calls where a few people do all the talking and have every member of your team interacting.

Quiz Rooms

Maybe even have some fun

Follow up with breakout rooms or have some fun with virtual office parties and even our quiz rooms.

Are you worried a new joiner isn’t fitting in well? Have you started a new project and are finding it difficult to get everyone motivated? Have you put together a new team which isn’t coming together? Do you feel creativity is suffering because chance meetings aren’t happening?
Red Round Robin’s Virtual Speed Networking technology can bring your team together to improve productivity. Our efficient networking sessions could take as little as 30 minutes but form enduring connections. Give it a try!
How does it work?
  • 1. Pick the event type and book a time
  • 2. Send invites to the group
  • 3. Get networking!
  • 4. Follow up with breakout rooms or 1-1 chats
What we offer

Speed Networking

For 4-12 people

Virtual Office Party

For 3 - 12 people

Virtual Quiz Rooms

For 3 - 12 people
Need to organise a larger event or something bespoke? Email us with what you have in mind! Click Here to Email

Red Round Robin will make your team more effective and more productive in as little as 30 minutes. Try it and see for yourself!

Introducing Red Round Robin for Online Music Teaching!

Set up a recurring music lesson with superior sound quality, Lesson Notes, an Online Piano and a Remote Metronome